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Are We Just an Accident of Nature?

At the core of truth and faith is whether one believes or denies God’s role in the creation of the universe and ultimately mankind.

Until the theory of evolution was proposed, one either accepted the Biblical description of God’s creation or just rejected it without a real alternative as to how it all came about. The theory of evolution provided that alternative for some. Now they had something to hang their hat on, an explanation of the universe without the necessity of a creator.

There are still some that believe in the Biblical description and deny evolution. Others use evolution as their basis for denial of God. And then others accept evolution as the means of God’s creation, that evolution was guided by God and not simply a long chain of accidents.

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At the very core of ‘The Big Picture,’ ‘Truth and Faith,’ and ‘Evolution’ is the belief in God as the creator. This chapter will address my thoughts about God. By definition, God is above . . .


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