An inspiring collection of essays about God and Satan, Heaven and Hell, Morality and Justice, Life after Death and other related topics for which mankind has sought answers.

About the book:
A Window Into My Soul

For many years, I would jog a few miles three days a week. That gave me a lot of time for thinking, which then turned into a few prayers and then more thinking about what I was praying about.

I was losing track of some of the thoughts so I started writing them down, just to capture them as the inspiration led me at the time.

This book is based on a collection of those short essays and prayers that I’ve written over 20 years. They express my understanding of the mysteries of my faith.

This book is essentially 1960s theology and philosophy, the kind I grew up with and still hold firmly. I began my childhood religious education with the Baltimore Catechism. I attended public schools. Our local parish religious education classes were called the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine; we knew it as CCD. After high school, I attended Seattle University, a Jesuit Catholic institution where we all had to take a core of both theology and philosophy classes.

Over the years since, I’ve been actively involved in parish life in several ministries. That’s provided me a continuous connection to grow my faith, the subject of these essays.

Scholars and theologians have written volumes about some of the issues I ponder – truth, faith, Satan, soul, justice, the power of prayer. I am no expert, but share my thoughts openly in a free-form conversational style so that you, too, will feel comfortable to search your thoughts, feelings, and faith and perhaps share them in turn.


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