An inspiring collection of essays about God and Satan, Heaven and Hell, Morality and Justice, Life after Death and other related topics for which mankind has sought answers.

Innermost Thoughts About Faith

I can't read your mind and you can't read mine. So, for you to see into my soul, I had to open this window.

This is a book about my innermost thoughts about my faith.

I hope that it will give you a pathway to think about your own faith or not, your understandings and your questions.


God bless you on your own journey!

The editing of A Window into My Soul is done and an initial printing of a few copies for personal use is complete. One of those copies has been sent to the Archdiocese of Seattle for review in anticipation of obtaining an Imprimatur, a statement that the book is free from doctrinal or moral error. The Imprimatur does not signify approval or agreement with the content but it is important when a publication is marketed to those of Catholic faith. That review will take an unknown period of time and we won’t publish for general public distribution until that is completed. Please continue to monitor this site for status updates. Once it is published, this site will provide information regarding prices and purchase options.

First Edition is Now Complete!

First Edition includes a companion study guide!

We have also written and printed a companion Study Guide to go along with the book that will be published at the same time. Information will be provided on this site.

Already Read It?

This book is essentially the theology & philosophy I grew up with

I began my childhood religious education with the Baltimore Catechism . . .


God & Satan, Heaven & Hell, and the Spiritual Life.

I encourage you to read this with an open mind. I hope this provides a basis for you to examine your own faith, whether you agree or disagree . . .


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